Camp Crystal CIT Program

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CIT Applications DueNovember 17, 2017
CIT InterviewsMonth of November & December
2018 CITs NotifiedMid January

 CIT Program FAQs

1. Who is eligible to be a CIT?

  • To be a CIT, you must apply to CCL’s CIT Program during your junior year of high school. If you are accepted to the CCL CIT Program, you will need to attend a weekend orientation, a week of pre-camp and summer camp for four weeks during the summer (summer between your junior and senior year of high school). Note: You do not have to be a student with the Alachua County Public School System to apply to the CCL CIT Program.

2. What are the responsibilities of a CIT?

  • The CIT Program at CCL places an emphasis on immersion and team building. The goal of the CCL CIT Program is to learn as much as possible about being a counselor. An incomplete list of responsibilities include: maintaining a positive cabin environment, helping with cabin cleanup and cabin duty, mail delivery, evening program planning for your group, look out duty during free swim, running the camp store on opening and closing days and co-teaching classes with counselors.

3. What are the living arrangements like?

  • CITs sleep in our yurts. The yurts are permanent tents with lights, ceiling fans, mini-fridges and electrical outlets. We have one for our female CITs and one for our male CITs. There is a modern bathhouse nearby.

4. Do CITs get paid?

  • No, working as a CIT is a volunteer position. Those chosen for the CIT Program gain valuable workplace and living skills and the volunteer hours gained while working as a CIT look great when applying for college, educational scholarships and first jobs. CITs are not required to lifeguard, CPR or First Aid certified.

5. What about time off and free time?

  • The CIT program is only 4 weeks long, so time off is limited. Following one-week sessions and the commencement of two-week sessions, CITs will have Friday afternoon, all of Saturday and Sunday morning off. CITs will have only a 24-hour off period during the weekends that fall within the two-week sessions.