Camp Crystal Lake sits between Starke and Keystone Heights in North Florida, containing 140 acres of thriving ecosystems and 3 freshwater lakes that join with the spirit of camp to create the place we call “paradise”.  After serving as part of the Keystone Army Airforce Base during WWII, camp was purchased from the federal government by the Alachua County School Board in 1947. Alongside our modern and updated facilities  four of these originals building are still used today, keeping the history and tradition of Camp alive and well.


Camp is home two beautiful sand bottom lakes, Big Crystal, home of free swim, water sports, skiing, and sailing, and Little Crystal, where we canoe, paddle board, and enjoy stunning sunsets. Tucked in our rustic camping grounds, Hotdog Heights, is Mosquito Lake, a clear pond where we fish, play, and skin dive.


Our ten moderncabins are split between the girl’s side (G1 -G5) and boy’s side (B1-B5) of camp. Each cabin can hold 20 people and contains indoor bathrooms, showers, and decks with lakefront views.

Rec Hall

Formerly the Officer’s Club of the Keystone Army Airforce Base, the Rec Hall serves as a hub for many camp wide activities including our weekly Thursday night dance.

Dining Hall

With our motto of “fun, family, and fellowship” on the back wall, the air conditioned dining hall holds up to 210 people and is a focal point of camp energy, where songs are sung before meals and theme week decorations are found.

Ropes Course

The ropes course stands proudly at the entrance of camp, with our alpine Tower, rock wall, climbing grotto, low ropes course, zip line, tree house, and more.

Archery Range

Across the road from the ropes course is the archery range with well maintained targets and a pavilion with fans picnic tables.

Courts and Fields

As our sports programs at camp are constantly expanding, many additions to our sports facilities have been made in recent years. Situated in front of the dining hall is a full basketball court, foursquare court, Ga-Ga pit, and beach volleyball court. We also have a soccer field where campers enjoy playing soccer and lacrosse as well as a full frisbee golf course.

Arts Building

Another of the original military buildings is home to our arts & crafts room and air-conditioned music room.


Camp has five circular living spaces that hold up to 6 people each, house our CIT’s and core staff during the summer. Each is named for a native Floridian Tree: Cypress, Hickory, Magnolia, Oak, and Pine.