Summer Camp FAQ

1. Are all activities co-ed?

  • Yes, all classes and whole camp activities are co-ed.

2. Where do most CCL campers come from?

  • 85% of the campers who attend CCL are from Alachua County. Our remaining campers come from all over Florida, the United States as well as international locations.

3. How does a camper’s daily schedule work?

  • The first night, campers are given the opportunity to learn about the wide variety of exciting classes offered at CCL. Campers are able to select five classes to create their individual schedule. The camper’s individual schedule and the camp-wide daily schedule will be posted for them in their cabin. Campers participate in their selected courses throughout the week in order to develop skills and knowledge in their chosen program areas. For two week sessions, campers have the opportunity to build their class schedule at the beginning of each week so that they may experience all of the classes that CCL has to offer during their stay.

4. Do all campers eat at the same time?

  • Yes, all campers eat at the same time. Breakfast and dinner are served family-style, while lunch is served buffet-style.
  • Note: If you will require special dietary accommodations while attending CCL, please contact our office prior to attending camp.

5. What time do campers get up in the morning and when is bedtime?

  • Our wake-up bell rings at 7:30 AM and lights out for all campers is at 10:15 PM. Campers are monitored 24 hours a day as to ensure a safe and fun environment for all campers.

6. How many campers are there and how is camp divided?

  • Each session, Camp Crystal Lake welcomes 164 residential campers. Campers are divided into boys’ and girls’ cabins by age. Each cabin houses 16-18 campers and at least three counselors.

7. Do you wear uniforms at CCL?

  • No. The dress code is very casual, but as a school Board facility we supports a modest dress code. For more information about what clothing to pack, visit the Getting Ready Getting Ready for Camp page.

8. Do the cabins have electricity?

  • While there is no air-conditioning in the cabins, each cabin is equipped with electricity and fans. There are also outlets available so that campers may bring fans for individual use.

9. Who are the counselors?

  • Our carefully chosen staff  is comprised mostly of college-aged men and women as well as teachers, many of whom were campers themselves. As school board employees, all staff undergo fingerprinting and background checks. In addition, all counselors are lifeguard, first aid and CPR certified and are required to participate in training before the campers arrive.

10. What health care facilities are available?

  • Camp Crystal has a minimum of one experienced certified nurse at camp for all sessions. Our nurse is available 24 hours a day and is responsible for the distribution of medications as well as other camper medical needs. A medical doctor is also on call.

11. What if my child doesn’t know anyone?

  • Many campers arrive without knowing anyone, and cabin counselors engage all campers in a comfortable and friendly cabin environment. Upon arrival, campers meet their cabin counselors and fellow campers, and Sunday evening campers participate in “Cabin Night” where they get to bond as a cabin. Counselors encourage active participation from all campers and establish an environment of inclusiveness. Each day is action-packed and campers soon forget they didn’t come with a friend from home. Participating in new and challenging activities helps to form meaningful friendships.

12. Can my child be in a cabin with his or her friends?

  • When applying online, you may request a cabin buddy for your camper. We make every effort to honor these requests, but cannot guarantee them.

13. How can I stay in touch with my camper?

  • Cell phones are not permitted at camp, but you can stay in touch with your camper through snail mail and camp stamps, a CampMinder system that allows parents purchase credits to send their child an email and receive a written response that is scanned and sent back. Photos are taken of campers daily and are uploaded to CampMinder. In order to ensure that campers receive mail early in the week, letters can be left at the office on opening day for hand delivery. For a full review of photo and email options, please log into your CampMinder account.

14. Does my child need any money?

  • No. There is no opportunity for your child to purchase anything at camp. Please do not send money. A general store is open for Camp Crystal Lake goodies only on the closing day of each session.

15. What if my child gets homesick?

  • Camp is a great place for campers to gain confidence and independence in a safe environment, and homesickness is sometimes a part of this growing process. Our staff are trained in dealing with homesickness and work to keep every camper excited and involved. Parents are encouraged to keep in touch with campers via mail or “camp stamps.” Several resources for parents on preventing on coping with homesickness can be found on the American Camp Association website.

16. Is there a visitor’s day?

  • While there is no visitor’s day, but we encourage communication through letters and camp stamps.

17. What if my child isn’t a strong swimmer or doesn’t like to swim?

  • On opening day campers take a swim test, which enables our lifeguards to get an idea of each camper’s abilities in the water. During this test they must swim a short distance with their head above water and then tread water for 1 minute. If your camper prefers not to take the swim test, they will be designated as a “shallow swimmer” for their water activities and will be required to stay in the shallow end if they attend free swim during their IC period. There are a wide variety of land activities offered at camp, so please do not let this discourage your camper.

18. What if my camper has food allergies or other dietary restrictions?

  • We can accommodate many food allergies and dietary restrictions at CCL. Please call camp at 855-651-2267 or email prior to your child attending CCL to discuss any concerns.