School Year

Outdoor Education Center

For over 60 years students, teachers and parents from Alachua County have had the opportunity to learn in a “classroom without walls” at the Camp Crystal Lake School Year Program. It is our goal to create an experiential environment where 2nd and 5th grade students are able to develop an appreciation, knowledge and understanding of North Central Florida’s ecosystems. Students will also have the opportunity to experience community learning and team building. Our dedicated teachers have previously taught in the School Board of Alachua County and maintain current teaching certification, lifeguard certification, and a CDL to drive the bus.

If you have questions about an upcoming field trip please contact us by calling (855)651-2267 or emailing

School Calendar 2017-2018

September 26

Wiles (2nd)

September 27-29

Wiles (5th)

October 2 Monday

Rawlings (2nd)

October 3-5

Rawlings (5th)

October 10

Idylwild (2nd)

October 11-13

Idylwild (5th)

October 16

Norton (2nd)

October 17-19

Norton (5th) Tuesday-Thursday

October 24

Chiles (2nd)

October 25-27

Chiles (5th)

October 30 Monday

Hidden Oak (2nd)

November 1-3

Hidden Oak (5th)

November 6 Monday

Foster (2nd)

November 7-9

Foster (5th) Tuesday-Thursday

November 14

High Springs (2nd)

November 15-17

High Springs (5th)

November 28

Talbot (2nd)

November 29- December 1

Talbot (5th)

December 5

Metcalfe (2nd)

December 6-8

Metcalfe (5th)

December 12

Meadowbrook (2nd)

December 13-15

Meadowbrook (5th)

January 9

Newberry (2nd)

January 10-12

Oak View (5th)

January 23

Williams (2nd)

January 24-26

Williams (5th)

January 30

Terwilliger (2nd)

January 31 - February 2

Terwilliger (5th)

February 6

Littlewood (2nd)

February 7-9

Littlewood (5th)

February 13

JJ Finley (2nd)

February 14-16

JJ Finley (5th)

February 20

Lake Forest (2nd)

February 21-23

Lake Forest (5th)

March 6

Archer (2nd)

March 7-9

Archer (5th)

March 13

Irby (2nd)

March 14-16

Alachua (5th)

March 20

Shell (2nd)

March 21-23

Shell (5th)

May 15

Glen Springs (2nd)

May 16-18

Glen Springs (5th)