Adventure Camp

In our Adventure Camp program, campers in 6th-11th grade embark on a 5 night journey where they canoe, camp, explore, and play. Campers have the opportunity to learn new skills, step out of their comfort zones, build relationships, and appreciate nature. Our exceptional staff strives to create an experience out on the river each week that is safe, challenging, positive and memorable.

Campers in 8th-11th grade who have previously attended adventure camp are able to attend our new program Camp Swiftwater.

Adventure Camp Objectives

We work hard to provide a program that is safe, fun, unique, and rewarding.

Safe: Campers learn and practice wilderness safety procedures and develop responsibility for their physical, social and emotional environment.
Fun: Through positive, challenging activities we create a fun adventure experience where campers become a vital component of an encouraging group.
Unique: Campers gain appreciation for individuality and the special uniqueness of the natural environment.
Rewarding:Campers have the opportunity to set personal goals and work toward accomplishments with the help of their fellow campers.

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